Dogs are at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to injuries. Unlike humans, they cannot check into a doctor’s office or emergency room on their insurance cards. They can’t really talk to us about the injury. Sometimes, a painful injury can occur to the joints and ligaments of a dog and you may not even notice until it has caused more damage from repetitive motion or other causes. Usually, when tendon and joint disorders go untreated, they only get worse, to the point that your dog may not even be able to do normal activities.

At the first sign of injury to your canine friend, you should take it to the veterinarian. If he or she has a clear injury of the knees, they will need treatment. Sometimes this can mean surgery and anti-inflammatory medications. Other times, and most often, they will require a high quality canine knee brace along with other practical treatments such as physical therapy. Joint problems are fairly common in dogs, particularly when they get older or if they tend to play rough. Puppies can also be more prone to injury since they have not learned what to avoid and they tend to chase everything.

In addition, injury to the cranial cruciate ligament (CCL) is a very common type of injury that dogs acquire. This will definitely require an examination and a brace to heal. Whatever the nature of the injury, your dog will have a diminished quality of life, poor range of motion, and will live in a great deal of pain. Nobody wants that for their dogs, do they? Hopefully, the answer is no. In that case, no matter what the injury’s cause, the dog will need help. Once they get the brace suited for them along with the proper therapy, your dog will be bouncing along in no time.

canine knee brace

The physical steps that need to be taken for a dog injury are well detailed and understood by veterinarians. Vets will also be able to tell you the types of dietary needs the dog will need to heal better and faster. Just like injured humans will need to get more of certain nutrients in the event of an injury. Follow all professional advice that you get and there should be no problem attaining the level of care your pooch needs to get back on track for playing and good physical activity.

It is important for dogs to get consistent exercise because it is vital to continued health and vitality. Dogs lead shorter lives than humans do, so you want to make the best of it, offering your canine friend the best life you can give them. Proper veterinary care with regular checkups will be a part of this, as their care at home. Add in a healthy diet and a happy home and you get a longer living, happier dog.

As usual, you want your dog or dogs happy to see you when you come home. Keep them healthy and be kind to them and they will love you that much more.